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Barbara Kingsolver once wrote: ‘Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.’

At Scoot Around you will find thought, sincerity and innovation, as we seek to engage our readers into meaningful, in depth conversation about subjects which are often at the periphery of typical student journalism.

We want to be creative, resourceful and adaptive. Our articles offer integrity, as each article, interview or poem is approached with care.

Prince Myshkin in The Idiot grappled, “They kept talking and talking, but never quite about it.” Bakhtin noted that Dostoevsky’s distinct, conversational yet highly sophisticated style was incredibly difficult to translate, as in the case of Myshkin’s sincere yet inarticulate expression of his frustration with the superficial discourse of 19th century upper class society.

Scoot is a cross-university platform, as we seek to further expand beyond the walls of the University of St Andrews, on Scotland’s East Coast. We have writers from across Scotland, Queensland, Chicago and St Petersburg. Our international outlook makes us particularly interested in matters of cultural translation.

As we turn to the future, we also look to the past, unravelling our social and cultural identities and challenging our perceptions and expectations.