Thurs, 14th Nov 2019

On the Pebbles: A wee preview of 'On the Rocks' Festival

Text by: 

Alisa Matyunina

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On the Rocks

Given the recent pro-environment sentiments that have swept through campuses across Europe, it is unsurprising that On the Rocks, Scotland’s largest student-run festival, is coming forth with a sustainability theme. A taste of what is to come in April will be possible this coming Saturday (16th Nov.) with the aptly named On the Pebbles.

‘Cause they are not yet ‘rocks’, they’re small ‘pebbles’. I just wanted to share the cathartic moment when I unlocked the meaning on the poster in the library loos.

The whole-day event will span over several venues and encompass a multitude of activities.

Combini Cafe is expected to become even more busy as it exhibits artwork created by students, in an event called Art on the Pebbles . Gaze at some pretty pictures while gobbling down your Miso Tofu. I’ve been told it’s good, but I’m too unsophisticated to eat with chopsticks.

For more study procrastination, visit the Barron Theatre for some ‘clothes upcycling’. It’s £3, from 12-3pm, and you can either dig into your wardrobe and bring a long-neglected garment, that is probably feeling a bit unloved, or buy something there.

Check out some pop-up a capella by the majestic-sounding Bells. They’ll be somewhere. Wander around, they won’t be in the library so you don’t need to frequent that evil place.

If you’re me, you’re probably hungry again, so go and listen to some local artists in Janetta’s from 3-5pm.

In Sandy’s Bar there will be more music, this time by Jazz Works. For £3 you can go there and to the Stand-up (more below).

Chill with a late night Watercolour Workshop at Next Door , tickets £3, 20:00-22:00. Apparently, you can buy alcohol here too.

Finally, if you’ve been at the Jazz Café in Sandy’s , you don’t need to move (long day of studying – ya know – knackered) as you can stay for some stand-up comedy from 21:30-23:00.

Come to one, two or all events. And, as a disclaimer, the author may have been tired when writing this odyssey, so do check the event pages so you don’t get bamboozled and miss anything.