Thurs, 12th March 2020

'On The Rocks': Launch of Student Festival Program

Text by: 

Abi Arthurson and Kimberely Wong

Photo by: 
Courtesy of 'On The Rocks'

It was easy enough to tell from the sheer number of people crammed into The Rule on Tuesday night just how much anticipation has developed around On The Rocks, the UK’s largest student-run arts festival. The atmosphere at the launch party was expectant but relaxed, mildly chaotic but cheerily optimistic and it seems as though the organisers’ hopes of an informal, yet impressive collection of spectacles would soon be a reality.

Over forty events are planned between the third and the twelfth of April, the majority of which are sell-out performances. The program, beautifully designed by Holly Brown and Finn Atrobus, promises an eclectic blend of theatre, dance, fashion, music, photography, film and comedy. In a town like St Andrews, brimming with talent, we are often spoiled for choice regarding the artistic opportunities on offer, but On The Rocks ambitiously and inventively combines all of these unique elements in an effort to demonstrate the potential of creative collaboration while simultaneously celebrating their individual attributes.

As with the Fashion Show(FS) last month, we are told that there will be a conscious attempt to focus on sustainability – from the appealing ‘groovy green golf’ to the intriguing ‘black tie bike ride’— as the coordinators are keen to emphasize environmental issues. Hopefully this will be evident in all of their productions; Scoot Around will be reviewing several of the plays, including ‘The Elder Son’ and ‘Fairytales Retold’. We are fascinated to see how these, and others, are executed and whether the tangible air of excitement that permeated The Rule on Tuesday will continue throughout the upcoming festival.